MONO Gallery installation by Miklós Kiss, Budapest – Hungary

October 28th, 2014 by retail design blog

MONO Gallery, as part of the Stylewalker Day&Night design event during Design Week Budapest 2014, presents: Have you ever wished you could buy those simple, yet stylish t-shirts that can be seen during SALE season in shop windows? This is your time now!

Miklos Kiss will be exhibiting 32 personally numbered t-shirts with SALE written on them. These items are waiting to be purchased in a descending order, so that in the end only one t-shirt will go on sale, the one that’s numbered 1, and has a SOLD sign on it. Just opposite to what we got used to during sale season, the items here will be getting more pricey as they run out of stock. The first item, the 32/32 is going to cost 4990 HUF, and the next one will be 390 HUF more expensive, and it goes on. The t-shirts are alike and from the same material, their price is only depends on the number you can find on the back of the t-shirt. Similar to limited art items, their rank number determines it’s value.

A simple fashion item is becoming an art object. That’s the main goal of this exhibition, to play with the idea of the value of these objects, like Yves Klein has done it at the Iris Clert, exhibited four similar objects where only the price differed. While another question arises, after buying these items, do they still remain a work of art or are they going to become an everyday clothing item, just like the ones we can get at stores? The location is consciously chosen too, the exhibition is going to be at Kossuth Lajos street, Mono art & design gallery. The MONO brand has a fashion shop on the same street, and is often associated with it’s own brand, NUBU. And final 33 t-shirts because I’m 33 years old. Special thanks goes to Nubu for the t-shirts.

Design by Kissmiklos / Miklós Kiss

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