Garzisi Zafferano branding & packaging by Brandlore

October 30th, 2014 by retail design blog

Saffron is a precious spice for its values and the elaborative production process. With the aim to preserve the purity, we designed the pack in a way that no direct contact is needed with these valuable delicate stems till their final destination: a delicious recipe!

A glass jar that contains and preserves the saffron stems is sandwiched between a wooden mortar and pestle, made with beechwood. The cap with a added sphere -that rests inside the bottle for hygiene- combined with the bottom part, make a beautiful small crusher. We even made an ad-hoc tweezers to pluck the steams out of the glass jar.

All these parts combined with a pretty little brochure are then packed in an elegant hexagonal box, inspired by the six petaled saffron flower. When opened, all sides part as if blooming to reveal the product inside. The best part is, by turning sides in opposite direction with the cap at the bottom, the box turns into a display!

The packaging is 90% artisanal with parts made in different places on globe. The main materials used are beechwood, glass, high quality paper in various finishes and a copper finished coin. The wooden parts are made in a toy factory based at the hills near the town of Lecco. The copper coin comes from a tiny place near Como. Where as the handmade box is produced in a small but upcoming fabricators shop in Mumbai.

The outer box is covered with a pearlised and textured, high quality ivory coloured paper. The logo and the flowers are adorned with a copper coloured hot foil. The inside of the box is decorated with a metallic textured high quality, copper coloured paper with hot foiled logo in ivory on one side. All the wooden parts are made from beechwood and has the design/logo engraved.

Designed by Brandlore

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