Golden Ratio headquarter, Athens – Greece

October 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

The Golden Ratio architectural office is an alternative approach to the concept of communication and cooperation. A broad wooden surface forms a welcoming gate to the inner space of the company. Three construction helmets, as many as the company members, along with the imposing logo made of metal screws, mark the entrance to the working space. “Two quantities are in the golden ratio if …” and journey into the world of Golden Ratio begins.

Following an upward course, the visitor reaches the specially designed shell, open to all kinds of activities and to collaboration between different disciplines. A single wooden surface covers the walls and the sloping roof forming a closed core, which shields the customer relationship with the company by creating a climate of confidence and intimacy. The openings on both sides, as well as those on the roof, allow natural light to invade space, expressing the evolution and inspiration, characteristics of the Golden Ratio.

On one side of the room light is filtered by the metal construction of the library, which through the change of grid results in subversive design. The elongated anthracite metal workspace hosts the meetings, while at the same time emphasizes the geometry of space. Lacquer cabinets of similar colour discreetly complement the composition. The result is characterized by simple and dynamic lines, expressing a design stable and sincere, like the relationship of the company with customers.

Designed by Michael Bakas, Kostas Bakas, Alex Bakas / Golden Ratio
Photography by Demi Karatzaferi

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2 thoughts on “Golden Ratio headquarter, Athens – Greece

  1. Biggie Beil says:

    Fantastic done !!!!

  2. jenny says:

    Totally unique and awesome interior design.

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