P & T store by Fabian von Ferrari, Berlin – Germany

October 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

A wonderfully hybrid retail concept launched by Jens de Gruyter, P & T combines a curated range of handmade paper products, such as notebooks, greeting cards and original origami accessories, with authentic tea culture. It has been only two years since the company launched its first opened up shop across town in swanky Charlottenburg, and now a second outlet has bowed in the hipster grounds of Mitte. Product designer Fabian von Ferrari has once again been enlisted to design the store interior, featuring a similar minimalist aesthetic, but slightly adapted to the location and neighborhood vibe.

Light and airy, the store is furnished with angular wooden fixtures that blend well with its concrete shell, although the original industrial character is softened by the shine of pristine white paint on the floor. The shop’s main feature definitely is a seven-meter long tea shelf which runs along one of the walls. As said, the P & T store stocks a range of fine teas from across the planet, featuring a highly specialized range that includes Japanese powder green, vintage pu-erh, caffeine-free herbals and herbal blends. The store additionally entices tea aficionados with a collection of must-have tea accessories.


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