Op-arty bathroom furniture collection by Olga Mężyńska & Milena Wójcik

November 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

Op-arty is a collection of bathroom furniture inspired by the 60’s. It consists of nine elements, which can be freely compiled to create your own, individual space. Characteristic, diagonal legs, makes the elements look lighter. Combining colors with the woodgrain decor highlights originality of the collection. Applying ‘push-to-open’ systems along with a functional, rotating mirror ensure the comfort during the everyday routine. Op-arty is a design for those who value individualism and elegance.

Materials: melamine faced board 16, 18 and 22 mm, decor / R3244 Madison Walnut, Linea structure, dekor / 14-20112-108 Canyon Mountain Walnut
Pfleiderer: Industry Collection 2014, Schattdecor: decor paper, lacquered MDF 18 mm, colour / 0140 Snape

Designed Olga Mężyńska, Milena Wójcik
Implemented into production by Defra
Studio of Educational Programs and Cooperation with Industry

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2 thoughts on “Op-arty bathroom furniture collection by Olga Mężyńska & Milena Wójcik

  1. Great post !!!!! I just cant imagine that the wooden furniture also used to enlighten our bathroom.The Concept is simply wow, it’s simply a great idea.

  2. This will help me a lot as I planning to renovate my bathroom in next month. Now I can easily explain my requirements to interior designer with ease. Thank you so much for your informative post !!!

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