Ovalit handmade lamps by Miklos Leits

November 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

Ovalit is the first of a series of stunning sculptural lamps designed by Miklos Leits, Hungarian architect-designer and hand crafted in collaboration with Pieter Kout. Ovalit is intended to enhance ambient moods through its comprehensive yet subdued light and powerful tactile materials. The form of the Ovalit derives from a thousand year old phenomena called a geode, whereby crystals form inside the cavity of sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

The light that radiates from the Ovalit can be adjusted to offer anything from a bright silky white light to a deep golden glow. The soft light that is reflected in the crystal filled cavity offers an eye-catching softness that contrasts with an otherwise hard material. All crystal fragments originated from Brazil and individually positioned by hand, this makes each Ovalit unique. Further more each Ovalit of the 50 piece miniseries is embossed with a unique serial number on the composite shell to guarantee its originality.

In view of its considerable weight of 40 kilos it is recommended to place this piece on the floor. There will be a new, smaller and lighter member of the Ovalit family releasing soon in a pendant and table lamp version. Technical details: diameter 50 cm, length 40 cm, 230 V, dimmable max 60W E27 bulb.

Design by Miklos Leits

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  1. Simply amazing. Nice lights.

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