Cyberport Smart-Space office by Axis Design, Hong Kong

November 4th, 2014 by retail design blog

Axis Design International has designed a new office design for the Smart-Space 3 business center which is a part of Hong Kong’s Cyberport community. The office of the future is not all about technology or isolation, but it is more focused on the importance of engagement, collaboration and creation of ingenious ideas. Hence, “New Sustainability”, as some experts call it, is the main theme when it comes to what a modern office is all about.

Cyberport, noted as the IT Landmark of Hong Kong, is situated on the South Side of the island. Axis is awarded of the Cyberport Smart-Space 3 project, which is considered as the biggest business centre in Cyberport. The office offers to bring every startup entrepreneurs or IT companies a conductive space for exchanging ideas through conferences, training workshops and seminars.

Axis Design team offers the perfect office setting that includes a functional breakout area where lectures and conferences may be held while overlooking the breathtaking seascape at the same time. Furthermore, the design team envisions this project to provide the right balance between work and home atmosphere with its wide selection of accessories and more than 100 combinations of carpet patterns for accentuation purposes.

Design Concept: The Smart-Space 3F covers a spacious area of 27,000 square feet, and it boasts of an impressive government facility that can accommodate as much as 134 startups. In addition, this exceptional project includes 46 offices, which includes up to 24 work stations or dedicated desks, 32 flexi-spaces, and an average space with a 2- to 12-person occupancy. Aside from the spacious meeting rooms and ample patio spaces, tenants at Smart-Space may also qualify for a free gym membership, which are some of the perks of working at Cyberport. It is worth noting that aside from the idyllic sea view from the office and spacious interior, Smart-Space 3F is well known of spacious and a great social hub.

Interior Design Solution and Construction Management: According to Mark Clift, COO of Cyberport, the design is suitable for startups and overseas entry companies. For instance, companies abroad that are looking to expand to Asia will find the design ideal for their needs. With the flexi-space design, startups can expect a solid entry point as they embark on their business expansions to the China market.

The concept behind the Smart-Space 3F is to provide tenants with more than merely a desk to place their laptops and IT equipment. In fact, the office gives tenants an opportunity to reach out to the Cyberport community for professional support from accountants who were once involved with startups, as well as law firms with specialization in intellectual property. For those who are looking to relocate to Silicon Valley or China, Cyberport can provide support through its annual US delegations and Shanghai Office.

Through effective communication and co-ordination, our project management and construction team was completed with a true commitment of outstanding quality and most importantly in return of happy clients of Cyberport and all the users.

Design by Axis Design

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