TAME furniture by Edit Szabó

November 5th, 2014 by retail design blog

The TAME furniture range is made up of the FOX and BEAR seatings. The product line will continue to expand with new items and various functional accessories, such as wastebaskets and planters. TAME comes in vivid yet elegant colours: fire-red, graphite silver, mother of pearl, white and bronze. In addition to these, the FOX and BEAR can be ordered in any custom colour.

TAME was conceived to be used creatively. The FOX and BEAR seatings are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, in private or public spaces. Equally appropriate for sitting in the living room and around a campfire, they are both weather and fire resistant. As side tables they travel in packs, or guard our dreams as bedside tables. When heated they breath life into winter gardens, children’s rooms, bathrooms, or even the living room. When integrated into a network they can conceal speakers, WiFi modems, or phone chargers. Their ease of care and cleaning make them ideal for bathrooms too.

The TAME pack in space. TAME animals arranged in packs make joyful spectacles for events or festivals thanks to their sculptural forms and rounded, inviting shapes. The pieces of the TAME series organize space by delineating areas and suggesting direction. They prompt us to find the arrangement most personally ergonomic, facilitating ideal spatial relationships in a group environment.

The FOX seating prefers to be arranged in packs, the pieces linking together in any arrangement. One FOX alone is a seat for one person, but two snuggled together they form a seat for two. They can be fitted with wheels to make rearranging the pieces easy. The somersaulting BEAR can be placed on any of its sides to form a comfortable seat: two sides make a lower chair for children, and two a higher one comfortable for adults. The BEAR cannot be perturbed – the contours of its body always ensure a stable footing. Get to know some wild animals. TAME explores a challenging area in the world of furniture design. The furniture pieces embody quality, beauty and nature. The hand sculpted pieces recall the functional statues of times past, referencing art historical figurative furniture created with great skill and artisanry.

Beyond the allure of their functional qualities, the furniture awakens the call of the wild in us. What seems from a distance to be a geometrical form reveals the contours of an animal on closer inspection. We instinctively reconcile the animal of our imagination with the form in front of us. It invites us to touch the pieces, their pleasant curves lead our fingers to discover fine arcs and previously undetected details. Much like approaching a tamed beast, we begin with cautious strokes, its calm energy gradually emboldening us to more unrestrained, playful inspection.

The series has been extremely well received to date in all installations, by all age groups. Grandparents and grandchildren alike looked around the pieces enthusiastically, patting and stroking their shapes, delighted in the surprising discovery of the fox’s vertebrae and bear’s feet, showing each other its claws drawn into the soles of its feet; ears poking out of the fox’s mane became soothing and alluring to the touch.

How to TAME. The pieces that make up the TAME series are manufactured from durable, long-lasting chamotte clay mass using the traditional techniques of the Zsolnay Pirogranite factory. The pieces are uncommonly long-lived furniture, even in the most extreme conditions. The archetypal forms were manually pounded into negative moulds, later fired at high temperature from chamotte clay mass into exceptionally hard, durable, frost-resistant, water-resistant, chemically inert, UV resistant and easy to clean pieces. The furniture is hollow thanks to the method used to press their forms, making them light and easily arranged.

They can be fixed to any foundation, and any form of electronics may be installed in their voids. They can also accommodate any type of heating, as piping can be installed inside their shapes. They meet the hygienic standards of bathrooms, and are easy to clean. They are ideal as resting places or heated (or cooled) seatings in spas, saunas and pools. Their formal language makes it possible to manufacture them from other materials, such as concrete, fiberglass, or artificial stone.

Design by Edit Szabó


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  1. Maja says:

    Interesting style and forms of the chairs…looks good in and out side…veeery nice 🙂

  2. nensavnenad says:

    very interesting pieces. I wonder about their functionality.

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