The Nebula visual installation by Jean-Charles Penot and Brand Head

November 6th, 2014 by retail design blog

Concept: “The Nebula, life and death tangled in an eternal struggle”. A Nebula can be viewed as a point of creation within our universe, as these vast clouds of interstellar dust produce the building blocks of stars and planets. However, this turbulent but beautiful environment has little potential to support life because of the highly toxic concentration of gases that exist within its main body.

In an opposite sense we have been destroying the beauty and sanctity of life that already exists on earth, with manmade pollutants since the onset of the industrial revolution. Fuelled transportation has been the biggest cause of pollution, and so this problem has become prevalent in a minuscule period of time. To say that one alone can’t do anything to prevent this is wrong; to change the views of the many we must individually accept our own actions for the greater good.

Creation: The aim of the piece is to promote the use of non-pollutant emitting transportation methods, in this instance bicycles. The piece consists of a number of bicycle frames and tires fitted with LED lights. The wheels are spun by both motorized means as well as through the manual input of the pedals near the base of the piece, to be spun by any oncoming observers. The interactive nature of the piece invites the audience to join in and emphasizes how we can individually contribute to a more beautiful world.

Technical Support: Phu Nhin Ho / Ryan Douglas Colwick / Brand Head
Photograpfy and video: Ian Chiang & Phu Nhin Ho
Design by Jean-Charles Penot

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