NAPOZT brewery by Gespronor, A Coruña – Spain

November 7th, 2014 by retail design blog

The concept of an old warehouse converted into brewery. With different materials and furniture we have created a place where local interior wanted to get away from the typical concept of beer, projecting different environments. We always take inspiration from the location of our premises and this has been a good place for the election. When designing the brewery we have drawn in the main activity in the area, hence the industrial style of the project.

The style is set for the use of materials such as wood, brick, steel, glass and copper. The first idea was to create a striking facade that would see the operation and setting of the premises from the street. An open to the outside through the windows, that provide fluid communication between the inside and outside, to invite passers entering different, making your stay in Napozt on a unique tour offering the sale of a typical beer Galicia the Basque Country.

The decor has wanted to get away from the typical concept of beer, projecting different local environments. We can distinguish three areas of public. A sofa area at the entrance of the premises, an area of high tables, low tables and another bar area. In the first zone, closest to the entrance to the premises, there are two areas where two large leather sofas and wooden tables and metal chairs that invite the customer to have a pleasant and comfortable time predominate. The central area of the premises, occupied by a wooden bar, which are two large copper tanks that store the beer business as a main attraction.

Finally, an area of high wooden tables with wooden stools and metal, a collection area at the back of the room. The back of the home where the bathrooms are located, highlighting some great doors made of glass and steel. The local general lighting consists of wires hanging lamps in different rooms. The whole place has been carefully decorated with little touches that make more comfortable the customer’s stay.

Photography: estudio3
Design by Gespronor

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