The Pasta & Grill’s by Dress, Osaka – Japan

November 7th, 2014 by retail design blog

The Pasta & Grill’s is located in Tenma Osaka, Japan where the various local restaurants & bars are dotted around the station. As its name tells, They serve tasty pastas and grilled beef. We tried to create the restaurant that looks like existing at the place long time. Painted brick-like wall and the use of antique tiles make us feel its history. By using the stripe patterns for some elements of the interiors, such as tent on the facade, fabrics for chairs etc, we give the sense of urbaneness to the space. People who come to the restaurant experience the warm and relaxed atmosphere by all those elements of the restaurant.

And we also works for its LOGO and Visuals such as business card and the invitations. For Logo, we show their spirits of the teamwork for cooking by using the icon of the cap meaning “we are team!” And for invitation card, we forcused on their fresh dishes to make visitors feel “I want to go out for eat there!!” by showing the various fresh materials used for cooking such as pasta, vegetables, fruits, bread and so on. We hope we created the good experience for visitors with all the designs.

Photography: Nacasa & Partners
Design by Design office Dress Inc

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