Friends Of The Earth office by Peldon Rose Group, London – UK

November 10th, 2014 by retail design blog

Friends of the Earth decided to up-sticks from their Old Street location, where they’d been for 25 years. It was a big opportunity for cultural and organisational change. They needed a place where they could work more flexibly and creatively together. And they found it in the Printworks, a period warehouse in South London. We came in at the beginning as Workplace Consultants to help make their move a success. It meant understanding their occupational and cultural needs which resulted in us giving them theoretical blueprints on what they should be looking for in a space.

Once we found the Printworks; our final design concept was called ‘What if the world was flat?’. What is this? Well, we created geographical regions and latitudes from around the world, pole to pole. Now they have an iceberg meeting room, rain forest open spaces, moss walls, and a reception desk and lighting made out of recycled cardboard. Oh, and a boat and tree-house at the heart of the hub space for meeting in the wetlands. We created an office with a lower environmental footprint and a destination for other people and organisations to enjoy debates and seminars in. It’s a home that’s helped raise the profile of this superb organisation.

Design by Peldon Rose Group Limited

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