Ductal street furniture by Olivier Chabaud and Leveque

November 13th, 2014 by retail design blog

This set is the result of research on the potential applications of Ductal street furniture. The challenge was to find methods for the production of furniture ranges adapted to urban or landscape context, at lower cost. Repeatability and therefore the possibility of assembling the pieces together, motivated the choice of the pattern to a ribbed structure. The molding technique gravity casting of this concrete high viscosity offered the prospect of creating a series of templates different seating (and other component parts of the range) on which is deposited for casting a ribbed silicone sheet.

This deformable silicone mold is from a 2D CNC machining (low investment cost). These ergonomic templates or functional, simple parts plywood products once, are used to generate various parts of the range.

Design by Olivier Chabaud and Leveque


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