Pure Swiss store by UniteUnit, Hong Kong

November 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

Pure Swiss is a house of renowned brands for top quality Swiss-made natural & organic beauty and personal skincare products. Pure glacier and alpine water, pollution-free soil and clean air from Switzerland contribute to their premium skincare products. The concept is to create a harmonious environment with natural finishes and materials with a touch of Swiss-inspired objects.

Light and natural, the store is furnished with oak fixtures that blend well with the concrete shell to create a welcoming shopping environment. The appealing central floating display module by wood flitches remains the main feature over the store. The rolls of felt drawers help to softened the angular feature and maximize the storage space. A dynamic wall display acts as a balance within the angular space, by contradicting to all angular fixtures, the wall display is constructed by bend plywood, it is flexible for tall or short items and definitely enhancing the aesthetic and flow of the store.

Photography: Jeff Ha
Design by UniteUnit

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