Botanica Khao Yai Resort by MADA, Nakornratchasima – Thailand

November 18th, 2014 by retail design blog

Botanica Khao Yai Located in Nakornratchasima (Korach), Thailand, Architecture and interior design firm MADA design factory were asked to create the interior design concept for the new 116-guestrooms including 69 suites of luxurious accommodation in unique design. The aim of the architectural concept was to underline and reinforce the impressive surrounding Khaoyai scenery by inserting thoroughly conceived built volumes into the natural landscape. In doing so the intermediation with the emotion of space and the accordance with the omnipresent nature was always crucial to the conceptual approach. A challenging project, involving the context and surrounding, areas for design included all public spaces and corridors, F&B, guestrooms and suites, as well as bar and recreational facilities.

The design concept was devised from “Time of Nature“ mix and match casual elegant appeal, where both refined comfort and functionality are essential, MADA design factory injected local flavour, to ensure a unique, fresh approach. Natural textiles, colours and patterns combine to provide the client with a sense of nature whenever there are changes from time to time. A green feature wall was integrated into the lobby design, setting the scene of outdoor to indoor experience.

MADA design factory wanted guests to experience a discovery of space and time from check-in, through to the public areas and right up to the guest rooms. Each area of the resort expresses its own design direction, yet all areas are connected via the same journey such as sunrise, sunshine and sunset. The overall resort interiors sought the use, purity and expression of raw finishes and natural stones with combination of vibrant splashes colours and natural veneer. The key element used is a fretwork adaptation of shade and shadow which reflected to emotional. This truly is a tranquil place for recharge your energy before back to your lifestyle.

Architect and Interior Project Design Team: Nichary Pongsomboon,Nisachol Loetritsirikul, Sirichai Roythieng
Design by MADA design factory Co.

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