Zalando + ZLabels showroom by Real Innenausbau, Berlin – Germany

November 18th, 2014 by retail design blog

In the very heart of Berlin, zLabels – a subsidiary of the online order mail company Zalando – develops international fashion labels and creates, designs and realizes lifestyle-focused shoe, fashion and accessory collections. A newly designed showroom, in which 12 zLabel brands and more than 9000 of their styles will mainly be presented to the own staff, has been completed by REAL Group at the end of August.

For REAL Group, one of the leading interior and shop fitting companies in Germany, the realization of the new zLabels showroom was a particularly interesting task. On a total surface of 600 m² in an old factory building, an overall concept had to be developed considering the individual presentation of the 12 private labels and taking into account a solely internal use for staff, team, marketing and press meetings as well as for Fashion Days. Label images and label cores should not only be presented, but also be made experienceable; label profiles should be shown clearly and concisely. For each label, “the wardrobe of the target customer” had to be displayed. Furthermore, the maximum possible flexibility was demanded.

Not only changes in collection volumes and possibilities of use had to be taken into consideration, but also meeting situations within the scope of different labels by placement of small tables and stools. Additionally, the new showroom had to offer enough space for major events with approx. 200 participants taking place on a monthly basis. REAL Group has designed and realized a showroom for zLabels offering much more than the requested maximum possible flexibility. A creative and innovative meeting place had been implemented providing flexible platforms for the placement of labels and connecting and bringing together the individual labels at the same time. In order to facilitate orientation, the segments Women, Men, Kids & Sports were first of all arranged in three zones.

Presentation of the individual labels is effected in and by so-called label cuboids with flexible square side walls and pedestals adapting easily to the individual label presentations, collections and communication requirements. This multifunctional principal can also be found in the center of the showroom. This label-free and open space with its stools and seats offers the staff a mixture of relaxing working environment and lounge atmosphere. If necessary, it can also be rearranged without any difficulty and used for events. Within only a few weeks, a unique multifunctional showroom had been created, which does not only serve young fashion labels as platform but which is also a source of inspiration for motivated and talented designer teams developing new fashion trends.

Photography: Olja Grenner

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