Carambola branding by José Jiménez Lara

November 23rd, 2014 by retail design blog

Carambola is a fresh squeezed juice and creative cocktail bar located in a food market by the seaside in Veracruz (Mexico) that also offers takeaway service. The owners wanted to create a strong branding system that represents the power and values of their products: freshness, local, colourful and playful. So then, after few considerations, ‘Carambola’ was chosen as the most suitable naming and isotype for this concept. In Spanish ‘Carambola’ means star fruit, typically harvested in this region of Mexico. It concentrates the spirit of the project, and also means being lucky and having fun.

The brand identity is inspired by the special sky colours in this city during two moments of a beach day: dawn and sunset. Furthermore those colours also are very linked to the chromatic range presented on its exotic fruits and playful cocktails. Dawn colours are used for juices, offered from morning to afternoon. From late afternoon to evening alcoholic fruit cocktails are the main product, using sunset colours then.

Designed by José Jiménez Lara

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