Armoury M Wooden Wallet by IngeniousBros

November 24th, 2014 by retail design blog

This “Armoury M Wooden Wallet” is made by hand. It is composed of 3 different wood plates(Bubinga, Walnut and Cherry) and 10 different high-quality elastic color bands(Red, Blue, Black, Brown, Kaki, Gray, Lemon, Pink, Orange and Green+Red(Two tone)). For this Wooden Wallet, we have sandpapered it with 7 times, different sandpapers by hand for smoothness. In addition, we have oiled it 2 times and waxed it one time for classic simplicity.

It can be expressed differently by 10 high-quality elastic bands fastening the credit cards and bills. It also can be used for carrying 4~5 credit cards and a few sheets of bills. It is so light, thin and classic enough to carry in pants pocket. It is good for men to carry credit cards and bills to pay for. When they go jogging, it is useful to carry a few credit cards and ID card.

Designed by IngeniousBros

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