Wildfire pizza + bar by 4N Architects, Hong Kong – China

November 25th, 2014 by retail design blog

4N Architects has recently created a new design for a well-established pizza brand Wildfire which now owned and operated by Hong Kong largest’s F&B group – Maxim’s Caterers. Wildfire located at the peak tower – The Peak Hong Kong, which’s one of the renowned tourist destinations in the world. The site itself determinate that it have to be the hottest spot of the town in order to meet the demands from customers arriving from around the world.

Coexist on the present contrast attached together with an appropriate design, the design team extracted the DNA of Wildfire and turn into a fun, wild and quirky while dazzling towards the magnificent view of Hong Kong. Start from the entrance by rebranding of an established brand with a bold identity deliberate to provide customers a upmarket experience whereas regaining the energetic characteristic of Wildfire.

Enter stage right at the start of the reception engaged with the combination of strong use material began to take form into the Hip and Trendy ambient, created by the copper metal spin around the celling likewise the skirting surrounding the steps with timber floor finishing combining with the solid wood black reception desk and right behind embellished with metal chain-like panels.

The space divided clearly visible in Bar, Dining area, open-show kitchen toward the irreplaceable cozy outdoor with the spectacular overview of Hong Kong Skyline. The sharp red beer bottles spreading along the curvy ceiling line with infuse lumens metal structure highly visible along the shop front gives a playful impression yet before visitors stepping into the space. Custom-designed furniture placing in the dining and bar area softly lining up the horizontal place to make sure all the customer able to enjoy the inside out panorama. Iconically, the gold cladded wood fire oven gives a bold vision statement to the interior, which the designer deliberately planned as the focal point of the restaurant.

The design team also drawn all the furniture such as dining tables, benches, barstools and outdoor couch to ensure the design concept continues from spatial form to small details, ensure they make a statement without dominating the space. With all those Hip and Trendy details, movable custom-design furniture and strikingly beautiful overview of Hong Kong, you absolutely could book for a night and turn into your own club!

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