Notcutts vans at Wheatcroft by Dalziel and Pow, Nottingham – UK

November 27th, 2014 by retail design blog

As part of our ongoing work with Notcutts, we’ve introduced an inspired dining offer that has transformed the Wheatcroft branch into a complete lifestyle destination for families – one of the retailer’s main ambitions. A trio of reconditioned Citroën H vans takes centre stage in the new street food-inspired hospitality offer designed by Dalziel and Pow. Each van has been individually named, branded and themed around a different type of cuisine, with one specifically catering to children.

A series of further food stalls complete the vibrant market ambience, and throughout there’s a strong emphasis on traditional British specialties and local produce. The concept is an evolution of the food hall ‘market’ debuted at Nottcutts’ Pembury store earlier this year. At Wheatcroft, it is taken a step further as dishes are cooked and served from scratch in the independent stalls and vans.

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