Green Dunes at Design Downtown Dubai 2014 by Aldo Cibic, CibicWorkshop

November 28th, 2014 by retail design blog

Green Dunes is a large SAG Smart Acoustic Green vegetal picture with an awesome 3D vegetal sculpture depicting dunes. Green Dunes, instead of sandy ones plus an iconic lonely green tree.

SAG Smart Acoustic Green is a stabilized vegetal from Northern Europe free of any chemical compound, SAG is hand picked, trimmed and fixed by hand in Italy by italian artists. Stabilizing process brings the vegetal to a steady state, then it remains soft and fresh for an indefinite period of time. Unlike conventional green living walls, SAG does not require any watering nor power lighting.

Blumohito is an Italian company creating design installations related to flowing water and the presence of green vegetation. All works are produced in Italy, with proprietary Blumohito technologies and exclusive finishes.

Design by Aldo Cibic at CibicWorkshop

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  1. Really attractive interior design for living room, thank you for sharing this information..

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