Recman store by Forbis Group, Warsaw – Poland

December 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

Recman – retail interior inspired by tennis court. As Recman is an official sponsor of polish tennis representation the inspiration for designers was obvious – elements of tennis court would be perfect to décor new concept store for brand. Project studio chosen for making changes in previous interior was Forbis Group. Recman is a polish fashion brand for man. It offers clothes and accessories which are made from the best quality fabrics. Modern elegance and the highest comfort are the most important for brand. Now Recman has its shops in more than 100 cities in Poland which make it one of the biggest brands, in this sector, in Poland. However, after over 25 years brand needs to constantly astonishing their consumers, now by refreshing shop concept by Forbis Group fit-out company designers.

On the wall furniture in classic sphere and the counter we have proposed elegant graphite laminate. In casual area furniture are steel profiles, nets and hangers painted black. The furniture composition in the middle of the shop is created by tables with nut colour tops and graphite – white boxes. Reddish-brown toned flooring is a straight reference to tennis court surface. Moreover it perfectly complements the other furniture colours. Intense colour distinguishes shop from the competition, attracting the consumers.
Forbis Group was in charge for designing and developing the shop concept, interior design showroom in one of the Warsaw malls and detailed design furniture.

Design by Forbis Group

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