Chocolate boutique by A01, Vilnius – Lithuania

December 8th, 2014 by retail design blog

The chocolate boutique founded by Ali Gadzijevas, Belgian chocolate ambassador in Lithuania, is situated in Bazilijonų street, in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town. A magical, democratic and relaxed atmosphere creates a harmonious combination between concrete, copper, crumbled bricks and metal elements of its interior and the tantalizing aroma of coffee and delicious confectionery.

The central area of the chocolate boutique is occupied by a table approachable from all sides and featuring a combination of copper and steel. Finely crafted reinforcement legs supporting the tabletop sized 1400×2200 mm creates a sense of dynamic energy. It is a central area providing ergonomic space for making and showcasing confectionery. It is also a great place for socializing, holding cozy seminars and food sampling sessions. The room is surrounded by the openwork mesh shelves which do not clutter the room space and allow visitors to see right through them, revealing crumbled brickwork of the walls.

The only large item in the room is the tabletop with an integrated cooling showcase. This piece of furniture provides a rather generous work area for the production and long-term showcasing of confectionery delicacies. The front facade of this piece of furniture is covered with a concrete board, with reinforcement shelf elements fixed above the table top. The room creates the impression of a cave with a glowing copper table top and a suspended luminary representing the best lit and warmest area of the room (an equivalent to a fireplace).

Design by A01

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