Krysha Cafe by Grosu Art Studio, Novosibirsk – Russia

December 8th, 2014 by retail design blog

Looking like a spacecraft, Krysha Cafe below represents a rendering project realized by Grosu Art Studio, an office specialized in outstanding, value-based and timeless designs. Although the items may not be on the market at the moment, they can still inspire us to create something exciting. The space looks like a tube animated by various lighting objects, textures and volumes. Amazed by the fluorescence atmosphere, the visitors experience various combinations of colors and lights in a cafe that incite all the senses. The bar is a long counter top supervised by a shining disco ball, facing an alignment of white leather sofas. Blue, violet, red and pink were used to make the space dynamic and appealing for the teenagers.

Although futuristic design may sometimes feel cold, there are theoreticians that find emotion in electromagnetic radiations, high-tech accessories and video games setups. If you are one of them, enjoy the project below!

Design by Grosu Art Studio

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