OSGIC office by Area-17, Ordos City – China

December 10th, 2014 by retail design blog

The Ordos Sino German Innovation Center (OSGIC) is a non-profit organization strongly supported by Chinese government in cooperation with Fraunhofer IAO the top scientific research institutions in Germany, OSGIC is committed to technological innovation. Area-17’s concept was based on an interpretation of the Chinese Ying-Yang creating first an innovative working space, where people can work, concentrate, research, communicate, then, a recreational area in which people can relax, get information, be inspired, and rest. In the middle of the 2000 square meters office, Area-17 designed a Sky Led panel in which the picture can be changed creating different atmospheres for the people working or visiting.

The office includes a laboratory for scientific applications and 3D showroom, a digital “city” with a 3D quick scan photography, an interactive virtual reality (VR) system as well as many other digital innovations. The project has been designed in collaboration with AR Technology and IUH Smart Home Solutions.

Design and photography by Area-17 Architecture & Interiors

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