Gurmi visual identity by Gergő Óvári

December 11th, 2014 by retail design blog

Gurmi is a Delicate shop of St. Donát Estate in Budapest. In 2013 Gergo Ovari and David Molnar, both graphic designers, got the request from St. Donát winery to make a new, simple and clear visual identity for their upcoming new brand. The company wanted to merchandise gourmet cookboxes, which contained different kind of prepared, restaurant-quality food ingredients, made by the chefs of St. Donát Estate, located in Csopak.

These recipies usually contain special ingredients, requires special machines to prepare, or hard to do at home on your own. Gurmi wanted to come up with unique prepared-food wraped in fresh, good-looking graphic design that ensures the costumers about high quality. For now the cookbox division is paused, and the shop works as a gourmet shop, offering the unique and delicate products of local farmers like syrup, jam, vinegar, honey, and wine.

Photography by Miklós Szabó

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