Pollos Planes store by BAREA + PARTNERS, Badalona – Spain

December 11th, 2014 by retail design blog

“Chicken Boutique” for all
As part of the expansion strategy of the Spanish food company Pollos Planes, Barea + Partners has been commissioned the design and development of more tan 10 stores along the east coast of Spain. Among these, here is presented the Badalona store, as a clear example of the new format.
The brand Restyling comes from the need to expand the business to more demanding markets and the project’s scope is to transform the image of the current company stores into a fresh, clean, contemporary style that expresses quality and proximity. B+P creates an image that includes the corporate identity, and the interior and architectural design of each element; an image that is aware of the brand’s tradition and long experience in the food sector.

In order to improve the clients shopping experience the B+P team has created a series of corporate elements that are part of a strategy that takes advantage of the queuing times to bring to light the Company’s expertise.

Some of these elements are created with the added scope of increasing the target market, reaching the smallest customers. Thanks to wisely selected illumination, and carefully designed counters (heroes of the store), the new improved environment created in the store transmits quality to the product.

Regarding the corporate image and although the implementation of the signage has dramatically changed in relation to the former format, the new logos have been designed in a way that continuity between the old and new image is easily readable, making it simple to identify the restyling of the new company and being the change in the logos unnoticed for the non trained eye.

As a result:
– Improvement of the target market.
– The brand and the created space improve the perception of the product.
– The client enjoys the experience and each moment of the stay in the store.

ultimately: a “Chicken Boutique” for all.

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