Richstates Investment office by Six Face Design, Shenzhen – China

December 11th, 2014 by retail design blog

The project is located in the beautiful Shekou in Shenzhen, with excellent sea view, and close to the downtown business district. Owners keen to reflect the excellent office environment, and to Modern the style and simplicity of style. Black, white, gray is the main room, To make the entire space seem not too boring, we set up the entire wall covered with mural artists window of blue sky and ocean views echo.

We do not add any extra decorations to space, in addition to the circular aisle wall murals. Murals not directly flat against the wall, but on both sides of the column array subsidiary, so can not see the mural from the front, and when people walk through here, through different angles to see slowly piece together a complete murals.

Designed by Six Face Design
Photography by Weis Liu

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