Chung chun Izakaya restaurant by Friend’s Design, Seoul – South Korea

December 12th, 2014 by retail design blog

Recently, fusion pubs look like café, hideout or private house settle down here and there rather than pubs with pub-like interior. Representative among those pubs is ‘Small Beer’. The “Small Beer’ craze started from local market and now became mainstream, made fried chicken & Beer specialty shops to change their interior to that of café from pub-mood. It is not exaggeration to say that now the situation is turbulent passing saturation.

Chungchun Izakaya needed differentiation to cope with such period. The differentiation was even more important since it was a succeeding of the ‘Small Beer’ named ‘Chungchun Salon’. Stand-up bar with entrée was selected rather than pub with stereo-typed draft beer and potato while maintaining the pros of ‘Small Beer’ including structure and format, i.e., ‘convenience’ and interior also started from motive sticking to basics, ‘A pub should be look like a pub’ in the franchise market full of various concepts.

Space was small—less than 720sf (58㎡). Two stories were filled with different type of seats, considering customer’s taste, bar tables on 3rd floor and rooms on 4th floor, while maintaining one design concept of Izakaya which is a Japanese stand-up bar in modern design affected by oriental mood. For finishing of booth acting as a partition of space, bamboo and Korean hand made paper were chosen. Wall adorned with bamboo mat cuts adds cool feeling from grain of lines and it was intended that the space looks more smooth and warm by putting Korean hand made paper with curved patter within the grid frame with strong oriental feeling.

Calm and comfortable feeling was intended with delicate and aged emotion of nature and liveliness was added by realistic painting of carp on the floor. This also intended to wish prosperity with the painting of carp which means fortune and luck and give an experience of scenic heaven to customers from the feeling like walking on the water. And by using Noren secure the privacy of space and, at the same time, expand the feeling of Japanese stand-up bar by coloring glass surface of table with red.

Although it is Japanese stand-up bar, it was intended to reflect the beauty of orient sufficiently. This is a project tried to develop a brand with its exact color wishing the success of brand ‘Chungchun Izakaya’ as a franchise.

Designer : Yang Jinyoung, Kwon Ilkwon
Design Team : Choi Juyoung, Jeong Seyoung, Park Sohee, Shin Hyejeong
Design by Friend’s Design

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