Furniture collection by Federico Peri

December 13th, 2014 by retail design blog

Federico Peri develops a furniture concept observing and revising the world of the industrial furniture : objects usually used far from the “noble” environments of the house. These objects, through the use of precious materials and thanks to their handmade feeling (such as leather, brass, wood) adopt a new connotation. They become objects to exhibit and to live.

The result of this reasoning is that an industrial trolley on wheel becomes a sitting, a shelf for warehouse becomes an operating desk, a stepladder becomes a bookshelf and, in the same manner, a set of industrial elements assumes the function of reading transportable unit.

These objects are essentially conceptual furniture but with a well-defined function, passing through the 50ties and finally turning them into refinement and balance. All these objects are not conceived for a serial and industrial production, on the contrary, them give strength to the world of workers typical of the “made in Italy”. Industrial is the source from which derive the basis and inspiration for this project.

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  1. Wow, Nice Product. I really like this product and very unique products. I am also manufacture new products for Industrial Furniture and also exporter this furniture out of India.

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