Perfect World office by Area-17, Beijing – China

December 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

Area 17 creates two office buildings with an elegant and contemporary flair in Beijing named perfect world office. Two different buildings, two different aesthetic approaches, generate two working spaces characterized by an essentially different spirit. Here, Area 17 “empties” the building creating a full-height hall where the colored glasses emphasize and contain all the different functions.

The hall is dominated by the big red glass wall which becomes the symbolic limit between the common, relational and working areas. The operative and directional offices are conceived to achieve a high quality of the working spaces in terms of comfort, brightness, furniture ergonomic and functional organization of the spaces and services.

Here Area-17 interprets the theme of the hall as an emotional space, where natural textures (obtained with wood and marble) coat the rigorous entrance volume, creating an elegant balance between technology and love for the essence of the materials. On the top, three big eyes seem to be taking their light from the sky. The Space has been designed to guest some of the most important Chinese Movie Director nowadays.

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