Bijenkorf restaurant by Concrete, The Netherlands

December 15th, 2014 by retail design blog

The starting point of developing a new Bijenkorf restaurant was that the restaurant had to be part of ʻde Bijenkorfʼ and its philosophy: ʻThe restaurant as a kitchenʼ of de Bijenkorf. The basic concept is an open kitchen consisting of different world cuisines. As a restaurant in a department store, the main focus lies on the ʻgoodsʼ – the cooking materials and foods, in which it is important to show guests the various ingredients and bases for each dish. concrete developed a cupboard in which all products can be displayed. It also serves as an architectural element that creates different zones within the restaurant and various seating areas, provides storage space for the daily ingredients and serves as the back of a bar.

The kitchen, the heart of the restaurant, has been placed in the middle of the space and can be reached from two sides. This central position automatically creates two zones, in which the two seating areas blend into the kitchen.

Design by Concrete

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