Deloitte headquarters by BİGG Mimarlık, Istanbul – Turkey

December 15th, 2014 by retail design blog

Bakırkure Architects have developed a new office design for Deloitte’s Turkish headquarters located in Istanbul. Deloitte Turkey Headquarters Office consists of 11 floors which have an area of 12,500 sqm in total at Maslakno/1 Plaza in Istanbul. In addition to the 10 standard floors, the 2000 sqm educational “Deloitte Learning Center” is located at the -1 floor. While 8 of the normal floors are operational, one floor is dedicated to guests with the reception and meeting-lounge facilities; also the last floor is the executive one including the company’s foundation and the law firm.

Today’s office approach must be handled to increase efficiency and communication between employees considering their conform and happiness, and providing a feeling of loyalty. Technology brings possibilities which provide mobility, thus promote to work and do business in different forms and various spaces. Deloitte Turkey Office is a reflection of such an approach. “Shared desks” and “clean desks” are carried into practice, renouncing personal desk concept in the office, providing possibility to work everywhere for everyone. In every floor, various spaces for high-concentration working, relaxed-working, quiet places, group work, small meeting corners, formal and informal meeting rooms are created in addition to the workstations for 4 and 6 people, in order to ensure a freedom of choice. The design adopts increasing efficiency, recovering monotony and enhancing the communication between employees as principles.

Headquarters’ entire data substructure is solved as wireless. Land phones are not included on desks; communication is provided with cell phones which also enable internal access. The new Deloitte Turkey Headquarters Office is designed as a pioneer of the employee-loyalty oriented new office approach which uses today’s technological opportunities best, with a purpose to satisfaction and efficiency considering the “Y Generation” fact.

Photography: Gürkan Akay
Design by S. Gürhan Bakırküre at BİGG Mimarlık

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