DOB3 Beer and whisky bar by Miklós Kiss & 81Font, Budapest – Hungary

December 16th, 2014 by retail design blog

Designing the identity for DOB3 my intention was to capture beers’ essence. I didn’t want to create only a logo, a mark; my aim was to familiarize people with the extremely diverse world of beer. I wanted the final branding to be smart with a friendly, approachable atmosphere. Beers’ labels vary in many ways. Script types, serif, sans-serif fonts, you name it. These gave me the inspiration to create such composition where you can find harmony among diverse elements. There’s a wall installation made of various beer coasters, creating that special atmosphere for DOB3.

The tables are not differentiated by numbers but unique beer glasses made of tin of the different beer types, and are built into the thick oak tables. They create a sophisticated approach for beer lovers. Above the tables there are some wooden panels that have an old-timer look of tin letterpress. There you can find info on well-known beers, from the top and bottom fermented category. There’s a wall that’s covered with a canvas bag texture, creating a feel for the transportation of the ingredients – malt, barley, grain; the essentials for making beer and whisky.

Identity by Miklós Kiss
Interior design: 81Font (Peter Szendrő, Ádám Bajor)
Photos by Bálint Jaksa
Location: Budapest, 1074 Budapest, Dob utca 3.

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