DekaMarkt ‘World of Food’ store by Twelve Studio, Netherlands

December 18th, 2014 by retail design blog

The DekaMarkt ‘World of Food’ store in Marlo is a recent concept for Holland’s oldest grocery chain. The 50K sq ft store has been designed to retain the successful ‘fresh market’ feel of the smaller format that Twelve developed for Deka in 2012.

Taking influences from indoor markets around the world, the interior is punctuated and softened by the introduction of curved architectural features and mid-floor market ‘pavilions’.
These circular counters are introduced at the entrance with a large, open plan kitchen producing sushi, freshly cooked meals, smoothies and juices – all of which can be taken home or eaten in the cafe.

A sense of authentic ‘organised chaos’ has been created throughout the store, specifically to bring to life the hero categories and new offers such as coffee roasting, butchers shop, specialist tea, fishmonger and ‘AKTIE’ value areas. Working as part of the DekaMarkt project team, Twelve co-created the initial format proposition, concepts and store environments with XXS, the Amsterdam based marketing agency.

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