Jacob Cohen flagship store by Area-17, Courchevel – France

December 20th, 2014 by retail design blog

Area-17 reinforced its long term partnership with the growing Italian denim luxury brand Jacob Cohen with a new project in the exclusive Courchevel Ski Resort in the heart of Savoy, France. Renowned to be the special destination for rich and glamorous European people, Courchevel became a famous fashion and luxury center.

The Italian luxury denim brand Jacob Cohen opens its fifth flagship store in the exclusive Courchevel Ski Resort in the heart of Savoy, France. Area-17 challenge was to offer the best customer experience for the shoppers despite the 40 square meters area.

Area-17 chose a clever mix of materials and fabric to balance the space. Leather and hand made wood panels for the natural atmosphere and colored steel for the modernism. The mix of color tones and materials brings back the true essence of Jacob Cohen. Reminding of an English sitting-room, the shop has a classic touch yet keeps a contemporary atmosphere.

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