Fire Chow take-away restaurant by Livinism, Hong Kong – China

December 24th, 2014 by retail design blog

Fire in your Belly!
Our client had the idea to set up an ‘international’ take-away restaurant in the heart of Hong Kong’s bustling Hung Hom district. Our brief was to create a Chinese take –away from an international perspective. Stir–Fried food forms the essence of takeaways around the world and the key is in the unique cooking technique. It is about culture and passion.

Our Solution
Welcome Fire Chow! Here we created a character to drive the brand story. The surname ‘Chow’ is a literal translation of stir-fry. It is also a well-known Chinese surname. As the brand originates in Hong Kong, this seemed most fitting. The character’s first name, ‘Fire’ shows passion and heat. To create a great stir-fry, chefs must master the use of extreme heat. This comes over years of dedication and practice. Our ‘Fire Chow’ is well travelled and draws on experiences and the tastes of international cuisine to provide a take-away full of passion and delicious food. The colours used and images created come from the strong images that heat and fire with a twist of passion bring to mind.

Designed by Livinism

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