Dewar’s Powerhouse, Moscow – Russia

December 26th, 2014 by retail design blog

During the past ten to fifteen years going out in Moscow has evolved a great deal. Russia’s upper crust seemed to have the biggest fun at the fanciest places in town, but now that the country’s middle class has seen a phenomenal growth year after year, a new infrastructure has emerged that’s not only accessible to all, but also much more in sync with what’s happening elsewhere around the planet.

Only last month Dewar’s Powerhouse opened in a 19th-century mansion in the city’s Taganskiy neighbourhood. Originally a recording studio, Powerhouse teamed up with Scotch whiskey brand Dewar’s to create a cool meeting place that revolves around contemporary music. Needless to say Dewar’s Powerhouse has a hybrid concept that reflects the forward zeitgeist of Moscow’s young generation.

It features a fully equipped recording studio on the ground floor and upstairs a lounge area that’s spacious enough to include a bar, a restaurant, a compact co-working space and to stage live gigs. The venue’s setting is understated but has been conceptualized with a keen and savvy eye for detail, mixing vintage props with design furniture and cool artworks. The peeps behind Powerhouse see the venue as an organic structure that requires tweaking as time passes, but one thing’s for sure, they’re not going to compromise their artistic vision for the place. Well-connected in Russia’s indie-music scene, expect some of Russia’s coolest live bands, deejays and crowds to regularly invade the premises. Location: Ulitsa Goncharnaya 7 [Taganskiy].

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