Mrs. Pound restaurant by NCDA, Hong Kong – China

January 3rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Previously one of the many food stalls at the popular PMQ night market, Mrs. Pound has reinvented itself as one of Hong Kong’s hottest new diners. Tucked away in the maze of back streets in Sheung Wan, concealed behind a faux façade of a traditional Chinese stamp shop unfolds a funky modern interior by architecture practice NCDA. Mind you, this place has a hybrid concept which adds up to the overall appeal. The disguised façade references an O.T.T. narrative of fictional lovers who secretly reunite in midlife. As the legend suggests, the restaurant’s namesake character Mrs. Pound was a renowned burlesque dancer in 1950s Shanghai. The architects took cues from the cult classics of film director Wong Kar Wai, and created a setting that blends elements of east and west.

The result is something that teters on pastiche, but well-executed in luxe materials and a with a great fun factor. Mrs. Pound is divided into two main spaces with yin and yang aesthetics: the lower dining area is all about feminine glamour through the use pink leather banquettes, mirrored marquee lights, pink patterned chinese tile and delicate gold accents, while the upper dining area features an opposite counterpoint through the use of diagonal concrete panels, green floor tiles, green bar stools and striking neon artwork. The menu of Mrs. Pound is equally eclectic and very much a pan-asian feast of street food classics, ranging from spiced lamb skewers and razor clams, to beef rendang and lemongrass meatballs. Needless to say, it’s already a fav among the city’s in-the-know crowd. Location: 6 Pound Lane Sheung Wan.

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