iiNet contact centre for Merchants by dhk, Cape Town – South Africa

January 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

Designed for leading business process outsourcing provider Merchants, the new iiNet contact centre is located in a former industrial building, the landmark Rex Trueform building in Salt River, Cape Town. The existing building was built in 1948 for Rex Trueform, once the largest clothing manufacturer in Southern Africa. When the factory closed down as a result of economic pressures faced by the textile industry, the surrounding area also suffered.

The new contact centre for Merchants services the Australian internet service provider iiNet and the development has been key to unlocking the potential of this exceptional site, and bringing an injection of new energy to Salt River. The designers created the concept iiNet Raw as a reference to the stripped back industrial context and original function of the historic building. The stimulating and flexible working environment creatively references the Australian brand’s values and provides geographical connection to the continent.

The centre currently takes up three floors of the building, and each floor comprises open plan office space, with breakaway areas, partially enclosed pods, and meeting rooms. The design aesthetic is creative and fresh, and references the factory setting using vintage furniture and retro typography, with a palette of vibrant colours that appeal to the predominantly young workforce. The nature of the business means that there are large numbers of staff moving through the centre on shifts, and requires hard wearing functional fittings and finishes. The spaces also make the most of the spectacular views towards Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain and Lions Head.

Linking contact centre agents with the brand’s country of origin through the design of the work environment helps to provide staff with an instant connection to their customers. The brand language and values are brought to life through the creative use of corporate colours, forms and identity. The result is a fun, functional and productive space that keeps youthful minds entertained and active, and ensures this market leader stays ahead of the pack.

Designed by dhk
Photography by Wieland Gleich

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  1. Garnet Gabriels. says:

    The spaces look amazing. Designed around innovative learning spaces. LOVE the happy colours and the transparent

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