Palace Hotel Wadakura restaurant by A.N.D., Tokyo – Japan

January 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

Opened as a new Japanese-style dining space in the Palace Hotel, Wadakura, in addition to regular seating and raised tatami-floored seating in private rooms, also offers private dining rooms dedicated to sushi, tempura and teppan-yaki (flat surface grill) cuisine. With the restaurant’s namesake Wadakura moat and open courtyards in front of the Imperial Palace spreading out below its windows, Wadakura allows diners to enjoy open, expansive views seldom found in the heart of Tokyo.

At various places throughout the interior the skills of traditional artisans were employed to create spaces themed on “trees” and “earth”, resulting in a modern Japanese-style space where a sense of genuine quality hangs in the air.

Designed by Takashi Miyazato / A.N.D.
Phozography by Nacasa & Partners Inc.

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