Wave Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

January 7th, 2015 by retail design blog

Instead of opening with traditional doors, the Wave Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz is accessed by pulling back one of the many slats along its length to create an opening in the form and a fan-like pattern across the surface. “The Wave Cabinet opens with true delicacy and beauty; each individual slat pulls along the following much like a paper fan,” said a statement from New York-based Cristina Grajales Gallery, which presented the piece at Design Miami earlier this month.

The white-lacquered Baltic birch slats form the top and two longest sides of the horizontal cuboid-shaped cabinet, sat on four steel legs. Each wooden element is connected to its neighbours, so moving one starts a chain of motion that ripples along the unit. The top and front side have fixed joints where they meet, while the vertical slats are attached to the base with individual hinges.

Openings can occur at numerous intervals along the cabinet’s length to create undulations. The vertical pieces along the back of the cabinet are also hinged to the base and tilt back in the same way. “With multiple configurations that allow for various options of aperture, the artist has re-engineered the familiar process of opening and closing, into rotating and undulating adaptations,” said the gallery.


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