Dillon’s Authentic Absinthe packaging by Insite Design

January 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

True to Dillon’s promise of quality and integrity, the new Absinthe is a story of doing what it takes to create an amazing artisan spirit from local ingredients. Made in small batches from wormwood and botanicals grown mostly at Dillon’s Beamsville Ontario location, this authentic Absinthe is created by the vapour distillation of the natural botanicals without the use of artificial colouring or flavouring.

The design of the package pays homage to the tradition of Absinthe while remaining clearly a Dillon’s family member. As part of the launch, Insite collaborated with Dillon’s to conceive and produce a hand pressed lemon balm sugar that creates an ideal pairing and experience when preparing the ritualistic drink and creating the milky white louche.

The sugar, like Dillon’s bitters, assists Dillon’s in reaching discerning audiences outside of typical alcohol channels; allowing fans to access Dillon’s within boutique retail store formats strengthens connections and promotes brand trial and the gift-ability of the brand’s products.

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