Little Sheep Hot Pot restaurant by ZYCC, Osaka – Japan

January 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

Little Sheep that are deployed in the authentic Chinese in Japan have been deployed around the Kanto region. Lower still awareness in the genre itself Kansai called Hot Pot. First of all we believe that it is important that it is a easy facade design to understand that hot pot. It has established a sign that modeled a hot pot in the corner portion as seen from any passage.

Considering the zoning plan, such as 29F the city of Osaka was taking advantage of the best location overlooking. The material was considered to the shop to be loved long and try to texture feel the climate, such as wood / soil / stone. You have a depth of at most and is the Chinese wall of design that the image of the mountains and the history and taste expressed in Chinese characters inscribed on pillars.

Interior design by Shoichiro Muroya, Watanabe Yoshihiko /zycc corporation
Lighting design by Mayumi Asano, Masahiro Tsuchihasi / muse-D
AGING PAINTING by Shinoa Shimokawa generation-X

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