Volatevia shelves by Volatevia shelves by Livia Chisari – Studio M for Formabilio

January 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

The smell of nature, while looking at the shelves Volatevia, like leaves blown by a gust of wind, arranged along the walls of our home, furnishing it with a poetic touch, yet functional. Perfect to optimize space with sophistication and creativity Volatevia shelves are made of bent metal sheets, very simple to fix to the wall. A creative and original solution, perfect at the entrance as empty pockets, in a living room as original bookshelf, in the bathroom and even in the bedroom instead of the nightstand.

It is available in three different colors: white to create shadow tricks on the wall, in the green recalling springtime or in yellow, for the autumn nostalgic. Volatevia is perfect for those who cannot resist to the poetic charm of autumn leaves stirred by a sudden gust of wind. It is also the ultimate gift idea!

Designed by Volatevia shelves by Livia Chisari – Studio M for Formabilio

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