PRIM4 HairStyling by YOMA, Taipei – Taiwan

January 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

PRIM4 is located in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Living is busy and boring. In this salon, we want to create a playground for adults when they have haircutting. The main idea of spacing is locating a bar at the central, then connecting with other divisions. We manipulate different shapes of mirrors and various kinds of lighting to create changeable atmosphere of each room. The huge mountain-shaped mirrors and walls in hair cutting area overlap their reflections by lighting. The moveable egg-shaped mirrors and the lawn on the ceiling in hair coloring area interest the space by reversing routine. The curve compartment with lighting band isolate VIP Room 1 from public to noble. The hair salon is only 30 square feet, but we create five featured spaces with lighting to make it merge into one specific studio.

Design: Yoma

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