Piadineria Pulcinella eatery by Egue y Seta & Denys and von Arend, Barcelona – Spain

January 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

This tight 19m2 convey a graphic, theather like staging of the craft of cooking true tarditional italian fast food, where Denys and von Arend and Egue and Seta want to make the experiencie of eating a “piadina” into something memorable. A central custom-design, window like piece of furniture is used as preparation, bar, and payment area. This carefully crafted piece, a threshold between the public and the private realms of the space, also acts as an interface, a stage, and a cartoon vignette, displaying the famous napolitan clown “pulcinella” turned into a seductive updated pinup girl tanggled up in a intrincate pattern of threads of melting mozarella and mushrooms sprouts.

Denys and von Arend and Egue and Seta favored a clear transparent enclosure for this reduced space, hoping to maximize visual engagement from the outside, encouraging the passer by to step inside a tasty window shop, where not only food is on display, but also a cooking style, and liking for sharing food and pleasant moments. Creating a sensous half lit ambiance was necessary in order to avoid the dullness of homogeneus lighting. This was achieved through a very carefull luminic approach that manages to shed light over working areas bringing forward the food and the shape of the cooks superimposed over the decorative detail that serves as background for the whole preparation scene. Dark tones applied over the floor and ceiling, aswell as a mirror of great proportions covering the entire right wall were chosen to vanish the sorrounding enclosing in the gloom, thus granting the space a greater visual width.

Design: Egue y Seta & Denys and von Arend
Photography: Victor Hugo

via arthitectural

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