Night club Museum by Slavica Djokovic, Novi Sad – Serbia

January 25th, 2015 by retail design blog

Night club Museum is situated in Novi Sad, Serbia on historical site of Petrovaradin fortress, as a part of Novi Sad City Museum complex. In order to keep the genius loci and original purpose, interventions are made only in making the club most functional allowing the fluent motion through the space not only to the visitors, but, light, shadows and sound, too.

Basic concept is multilayer design with two basic visual and auditory layer and several sub layers. First, visual layer is materialization of interior, used materials are textures: metal, concrete, glass and leather with complete absence of color. Color is second layer, added through light with different Kelvin intensity, so the textures can follow the music as the most important auditory layer. Raw materials are the background for the thematic nights in the club. Shadow and highlights from the chains fulfill the contrast with material used and shadow given- foggy net effect gives the space a magic note.

Photography: Darko Milosavljevic

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