Beaugrenelle Cinema by Ora ïto for Pathé, Paris – France

January 26th, 2015 by retail design blog

French designer Ora ïto has completed a ten-screen cinema complex in Paris, part of the city’s renovated ‘Centre Beaugrenelle’. Developed for movie theater chain ‘Gaumont-Pathé’, the scheme is envisioned as an airport departure lounge – a comfortable and relaxed environment that prepares guests for the main event. An expansive entrance hall comprising a café, concierge and educational workshop offers generous external views, and intrigues passersby. The lobby is designed so that visitors can peruse through the different areas, with each ‘scene’ detached from the next. The central hall then evolves into a stage set where ticket counters and seats rise out of the ground.

Carefully considered circulation routes help reduce waiting lines, while interactive signage and traditional movie posters become animated, digital screens. The flow of guests is softly framed by divisions on the floor and reinforced by different wall colors or contrasting lighting. The clear program of space ensures that each activity within the complex is readily identifiable. Throughout the scheme, each area presents a different cinematographic experience. An undulating timber ceiling envelops visitors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

An escalator leads guests downstairs where the mood changes. Wide corridors are clad in a unifying black, referencing film noirs or black-and-white movies played in dark theaters. Spanning the length of the volume, a large light installation engages the viewer and establishes a dynamic and dramatic atmosphere. Upon reaching the theater, spectators are able to enjoy their chosen feature with comfortable amounts of legroom or in duo armchairs that allow couples to sit together.

Photography: Sébastien Veronese

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