JPCC Office by Sidharta Architect, Jakarta – Indonesia

January 26th, 2015 by retail design blog

This is church’s operational office, and one crucial function is for meetings, both formal and informal meetings. The cores of the design are to have relaxing and laid-back feel, to create a working atmosphere that is fun and energetic. There are “melting point” in this office, like bar area for lunch and a movie room.

This office is divided into 4 zoning area,they are:
1. Public area; includes reception,meeting rooms,music studio and green room.
2. Production area; working area for creative department
3. Melting point (called townhall) ; includes bar area, library, and movie room
4. Operational area; working area for church’s staff

This 1,100 sqm office area takes one full floor from the whole building. And has 4 entrance doors, 2 entrance for the staff and 2 entrance for public; one going to church’s office and the other one to church’s foundation office.

Design: Sidharta Architect / Marcello Sidharta, Aryo Basuki, Melisa Fitri
Photography: Fernando Gomulya

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